C&G’s Top 4 Qualities of a Great Tenant

When leasing a property, you’re essentially living in someone else’s home – so it’s only fair that you treat it with respect. In today’s blog, C&G unpack the top 4 qualities of a great tenant.

You’re Respectful of the Tenancy Agreement

Sometimes life throws things at us we don’t expect – and in extenuating circumstances landlords and property managers will be understanding of your position. But in general, a great tenant respects that their tenancy agreement is for a mutually-agreed upon period of time, and they won’t intentionally breach its terms. Carefully going through a condition report upon commencement of your lease agreement (and returning it in a timely fashion) helps your landlord keep on top of any maintenance issues, too.

You Pay Your Rent on Time

As a tenant it is your responsibility to pay your rent on time. You should ensure your income can support your lifestyle before moving into a property, and that you can confidently meet your financial obligations as a tenant. Late payments cause financial stress for your landlord and additional worry for your property manager, which can make tenant and landlord relationships unnecessarily fraught. Pay rent on time for good vibes all round.

You Treat the Property Like It’s Your Own

Many tenants wonder why they can’t simply install a water feature, paint a wall lime green or switch roommates whenever they please. And whilst you are the home’s temporary custodian, you are not the home’s owner. After you finish your lease, the property is returned to its owner … before being re-leased to another tenant. Damaged fittings and fixtures, garish decoration and worn carpets from pets are not only costly for a landlord to repaid – they may make leasing the property to a new tenant more difficult! Most landlords will be more than happy for you to treat the property as your own, but respecting the boundaries of living in someone else’s property is key to being a great tenant. Check with your landlord before making any permanent changes. Good communication between tenant, property manager and landlord makes for a happy tenancy.

You’re a Good Communicator

Keeping your property manager and landlord in the loop when you encounter issues with the property is very helpful. If a landlord isn’t aware of a broken air conditioner, a mould problem or a worn-out oven, they can’t rectify the situation. Whether it’s a wear-and-tear issue or the result of an accident, be open and honest about it. Covering up mistakes and ‘staying mum’ isn’t the way to go.

At Chisholm & Gamon, we carry out rigorous tenant screening to ensure the very best tenants are selected for each of our rental properties. If you’re a landlord looking to lease an investment, or a tenant looking for more information on how to land your dream property for rent, get in touch with our property management team


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