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Whether you’re a devoted vegan, occasional pescatarian or simply a health-conscious foodie, here are C&G’s favourite healthy cafes and stores Bayside. With chilly months ahead to come, what better way to avoid winter sniffles than by protecting your immune system with delicious treats and eats? To satisfy your café cravings and keep you healthy this winter, C&G’s clean-eats guide lists the best places to grab your next smoothie bowl or vegan burger (with the lot!)
A brisk stroll by the ocean on a Winter’s day is a wonderful thing – but so are cosy inside days pottering and cooking when the wet weather sets in. Today’s C&G blog rounds up the best things to do with your family on a rainy day – odds on,…
Ah Bayside Melbourne! With the beach at your toes and parks scattered across the community, it is a nature lover’s dream - and a wonderland for your dog, too! In today’s blog, you can read all about C&G’s favourite spots to take your pooch…
Melbourne Yoga studios seem to be multiplying by the month - so what better time to start this holistic exercise or try out a new studio? Bayside offers local an array of yoga studios with options for beginners to the more advanced. If you’d like to…
Well-known for both its delicious food and drink, Melbourne’s Bayside is home to some of best bars in town. If you’re on the hunt for a new local or if you’d like to drink at the latest hot spot, there is a venue for every punter. C&G share…
Whether you’re treating your partner, friend or even your own good self on February 14th, be sure to celebrate in style with C&G’s guide to enjoying Valentine’s Day Bayside. A corny heart-shaped chocolate box, last-minute flower bouquet or…
At C&G we’re no strangers to an exciting, atmospheric auction! For many vendors and buyers, selling or competing at auctions are the most exciting part of the real estate transaction process. But if you’re not quite ready to flex your bidding…
Keeping fit can be a difficult task in Winter – running tracks are washed out, darkness sets in early and home is just so cozy! Yet as the weather warms up, fitness becomes far from a chore. As a beachside destination, Melbourne’s southern suburbs…
Let’s be frank: the Chisholm and Gamon team are self-confessed foodies. That’s why we love bringing you the latest in Bayside’s best bites. This week, we’re highlighting the Bayside Food Truck Fiesta – the southside’s biggest food truck muster…
Bayside history buffs, the week you’ve been waiting for has arrived! From the 15th to the 22nd of October, Victoria is celebrating History Week and there are so many entertaining and informative events to enjoy. Today, C&G provide you with a…

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