5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet in an Apartment

Following the proposed rental reforms from the Victorian government, the leasing landscape in Melbourne could be set to change. In today’s blog, C&G explain the key considerations before adopting a pet when you live in an apartment – just because your landlord has given you the green light, doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea.


It might sound like an obvious consideration, but it’s important to understand the space your pet needs to live comfortably. While you might feel like your laundry room is a cosy enough space for your four-legged friend to bed down, some animals prefer more open space. Constricting their living quarters could be frightening for your pet, and cause stress and anxiety when you bring them home.

It’s also worth thinking about how your pet will access the outdoors. While some animals like cats can be kept solely inside, many like to venture out. Do you have a balcony they could explore? What floor is your apartment on? Not having a private front door may impact on your ability to comfortably raise a pet in an apartment. 


You might be certain that your pet will be the cleanest, quietest, best behaved pet in the suburb, but you never know what might happen. If your pet gets spooked by weather, noise or illness, there is a risk that they will have an ‘accident’ on the floor or carpet. Outdoor pets may bring you home presents – in the form of a dead mouse or insect! – or trail muddy paw prints throughout your home. 

While some cleaning issues are simply facts of living, consider whether your home could handle these issues. If you’ve a cream carpet or a brand new sofa, a pet might not be for you. 

Potential Damages

Much like the issue of cleanliness and hygiene, anything can happen with animals. Replacing carpets, fixing wall scuffs and dents, and maintaining furniture and fittings can be expensive if they’re damaged by your pet. If you’re renting, think of not only your own possessions but of your landlord’s property – respect those with authority over you and consider the potential damages a pet could impose on a rental. 

Ongoing Costs

‘FREE PUPPIES’, you read on the Facebook ad. You might be lucky enough to score your fur baby for free, but think about the financial investment down the line. Many apartment cats are indoor cats, which means a constant supply of litter and cleaning equipment, not to mention food, toys, vets bills, vaccinations and grooming. Some dogs shed their fur excessively, and may need to be groomed on a regular basis – this all adds up. If you’re adopting a young animal, kittens and puppies eat substantially more in their youth than in adulthood, so do the maths on how much it could cost to feed another little mouth before you commit.

Your Neighbours

When you bring an animal home for the first time, it can be a traumatic experience for them. New surroundings, being separated from their previous owners or mother and siblings, and often long travel time can upset your pet for a few days or weeks. Consider how noise travels in your apartment block and think about whether barking, whining or meowing could impact on your neighbours’ quality of life. The occasional wimper might not be an issue, but particularly in some newer buildings where sound may travel more easily, even the smallest of pets can become a nuisance.

Chisholm & Gamon remind all tenants and homeowners living in apartments to consider the welfare of the animal and of yourselves and your neighbours before committing to adopting a pet. Remember, just because it’s allowed, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s appropriate. The RSPCA website has plenty of information on what conditions are appropriate for pet adoption if you’re still unsure.


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