Back to School with C&G: Top Tips for Parents

Where did that summer holiday go?! With the words ‘back-to-school’ emblazoned across media around the country, it’s hard to ignore the pending doom of getting back into routine. In today’s blog, C&G offer our top tips on returning to the school routine in harmony.

Check the Supplies List

As kids get older, their list of must-haves for school might change. Check in with new year communications from their school to see if you need to invest in any new uniforms, sports gear or books. Getting on top of these things before the return to school can save you from late night runs to Kmart!

Prep the Lunches

One of the most laborious parts of getting back to school is coming up with ideas for lunches. Get creative for a few days before, and plan out the first couple of weeks worth of lunches and snacks, to avoid the last-minute rush to the supermarket, or a costly lunch order. Try making these healthy lunchbox ideas with your kids – getting hands-on may even help your kids get excited about going back to school!

Set Up a Homework Routine Straight Away

Every parent can empathise with the back-to-school blues – we all remember the struggle of getting back into homework after such a lengthy holiday. Discuss with your kids what their term’s workload may look like, and plan a routine for weeknight and weekend homework completion. Look into drawing up some charts to manage workflow, and consider coming up with a reward system to make the return to school more stimulating. Pinterest has plenty of ideas on how to plan out your family homework schedule.

Shop For Stationary

If the best part of a new school year isn’t new stationary, we don’t know what is! Take your kids on a stationary shopping spree and start the year fresh, with new pens, notebooks and accessories. It’s a great way of getting your kids excited and motivated about working hard and being their best.

Practice the Morning Routine

Families with school-aged children know only too well the mania that befalls the home on a school morning. With breakfasts to be made, showers to be had and bags to be packed, there can feel like a lot to do. Create a game with your kids and get them up early a few mornings ahead of the real return to school, so that the first day back doesn’t feel so tough. If you’ve more than one child, you could even make it into a race, and say the first one to be ready wins a prize. Practice over multiple days and create a leaderboard – you’ll be back-to-school pros in no time!

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