C&G's Guide to Celebrating Christmas in a Small Space

With apartment living on the rise, more and more Christmas celebrations are being held in smaller spaces. No matter how big your home, C&G want you to have the merriest Christmas possible, so we’re showing you how to have a festive celebration in a tiny space. 

Borrow Extra Seating

If you live in a small home, chances are you’ve only seating space for a few people. If you need to source extra chairs for a meal or party, borrow them from other people. That way you can give them back after your festivities, so you don’t have to find storage space for them long-term.

Clear Out Storage and Pack Away Items

Clear out storage areas and use these to store items that will be in the way during your celebrations. These may not be items you’d usually store, but things like toys, ornaments, and countertop accessories may be taking up space that can be better used for your party. Clear down as many surfaces as you can, to free up space for food, drinks and decorations. Free up cupboard space to take guest’s jackets if it’s cold, too.

Choose Easy-to-Handle Foods

Depending on how much table space you have, a buffet meal may be better suited to your space. If you’re doing this, think carefully about the type of food you serve. Choose easy, hand-held options that don’t require cutlery to eat, to make your guests feel more comfortable and reduce the amount of space you need to put plates down – try these foods on a stick! Depending on how tight the space, you may feel more comfortable with plastic cups to minimise breakages and subsequent injuries to your guests!

Clean as you Go

Now, we’re not suggesting you don’t enjoy the party for the sake of cleaning, but having bin bags ready to clean up extra mess along the way will not only reduce stress later, it’ll keep your celebrations tidy.

Chisholm & Gamon wish everyone in the Bayside community a fantastic Christmas and New Year – however big your celebrations! 


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