C&G’s Guide to Creating a Zen Living Room

You’ve channelled your inner Zen at yoga and pilates - now it’s time to take that feeling home with C&G’s Guide to Creating a Zen Living Room.

Are you ready to peace out your living room complete with natural furnishings, earthy tones, green terrariums and fresh-linen scented candles? For a space that induces serenity, Chisholm & Gamon’s latest blog will help you create a Zen-kind of living room. Namaste!

  1. Down to Earth

Think earthy colour tones and natural décor. Soft tones like grey, white, beige or pink have the power to induce immediate Zen. Try mismatching textures (in the same colours) like tiles, faux furs, wood, soft furnishings and carpets, to create a sense of personality within monochromic coloured rooms. 

  1. Soft Touch

Wool carpets and rugs provide a real sense of comfort. Think natural, khaki and grey coloured carpets for a warm cosy feel or soft tan wood flooring for a modern loft-style atmosphere.

  1. All Natural

Soft fabrics represent the calming elements of feeling Zen: natural, light and comfortable. Linen, cotton or wool curtains provide a sense of privacy and intimacy while reducing noise or sunlight.

  1. Lighten Up

For a relaxing space, lighting is essential. Replace harsh fluorescents with calming candles or energy saving dimmers. Always embrace natural lighting (when you can) and try matching different types of lights like floor lamps, wall-mounting lights or bedside lamps to enhance or mellow-out the atmosphere.

  1. Simplistic Living

Avoid furniture with complicated details or design. Zen style furniture should be simple with clear lines and ornaments. Focus on storage pieces to minimalize clutter, moving furniture against the walls to create balance and space in the middle of the room. Reduce wall decorations, especially photos or paintings which should be keep in sentimental spaces like bedrooms or study rooms.

  1. Green is Clean

With soothing green tones, plants have the best calming effect in a living room. Avoid flowers, scented plants or greenery that require high maintenance. Bonsai trees, snake plants or terrariums are best suited for living rooms since they require little water or sunlight.

  1. Electronic No-Zone

Technological distractions like computers, mobiles, TV and internet can create space and mind clutter. By banning electronic devices from your Zen space, you can secure a space free from technology. Ensure all wires and cables are hidden for ultimate tranquillity.

Bayside is the most calming suburb in Melbourne with tranquil beaches, health food stores and yoga studios as far as the eye can see. Interested in our Zen style of living? Check out C&G’s latest listings here.


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