C&G’s Guide to Designing a Shared Bedroom

Whether it’s a bedroom shared between siblings, guests or roommates, a shared space should provide privacy, bedding and storage for everyone. C&G’s design, décor and layout tips will help you master a functional shared room - for two!


  1. Symmetrical design

A symmetrical design will provide a natural sense of balance – plus everything looks good in pairs! A symmetrical room plan with furniture and décor positioned against the walls will create more space in the centre of the room.

2. Colour palette

To personalise a kids’ shared bedroom, painting the room with two different colours can differentiate the space into two sections.  Choosing pastel or bright colours can create a cohesive look while adding character and a theme to the room.

3. Privacy

A shared bedroom offers little or no privacy. A pull curtain, individual bunk beds or cubby design can help individuals create their own personal space within a shared room.

4. Split the room

A physical boundary like a bookshelf, room divider, ceiling-mounted curtains or shelving unit are sophisticated designs that will split a room into two spaces.

5. Storage

A room for two means you’ll need twice the storage space! Try hanging rails, wall shelves and shoe racks for additional storage. Open shelving, under-bed drawers, storage bins or toyboxes are great storage options that don’t take up too much space.

6. Bed Options

Bunk beds are usually the first choice for a shared bedroom – freeing up floor space while giving each person a private nook, bunk beds do however require high ceilings. Twin beds can be positioned side by side to offer space in between for bedside tables.  Platform beds are also space-savvy with the option of bed drawers placed underneath.

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