C&G’s Guide to Hanging Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, who did an awesome DIY job of hanging it up? You did! Hanging a mirror in your hallway, bedroom or living room combines both décor and function, making a small space feel larger and dark room appear lighter. In the latest C&G blog, we offer handy tips on how to hang up mirrors like a pro.

 Many Mirrors, Many Functions

While there are many mirror shapes to choose from - choose carefully. Not all mirrors are hanging mirrors with some designed to be leaners. With most mirrors noted on the back, if you hang a leaner mirror or lean a hanging mirror, expect damage to the mirror and wall.

Wires Are A No-No

When hanging mirrors, safety is most important. While cable wires and single nails are used for invisibility mostly with hanging artwork, this is a massive no-no when hanging mirrors. Most mirrors have a ‘D hook’ at the back – this indicates that the mirror needs its own hook attached to the mirror and wall.

Leaning Tower of Mirror

When it comes to hanging mirrors, the position can either expand or tighten the feeling of space in a room. Think about hanging a mirror high on the wall at a downward tilt – this will reflect the room, adding a larger sense of space.

Here’s Looking At You, Aesthetic

Where you hang your mirror will transform the aesthetic you are aiming for. Hanging a mirror in the entryway or hallway adds a welcoming touch and instant warmth to an empty space. For a more dramatic aesthetic, try hanging a mirror in the dining room. Also think about lighting – any room with a chandelier, sculptural lightning or modern lamp will reflect off the hanging mirror to intensify glare. While this makes darker rooms instantly brighter, if you want to tone down the reflection try an antique mirror for less harshness.

Reflect on Tips & Tricks

Mix up your decorating style. For example, if you have a modern styled home try a rustic or antique mirror to draw attention while balancing the tone of the room.

Mirror clusters or grouping is an easy way to add character or style to a room. Just like a cluster of artworks or photographs, mis-matched shapes and designs work best, however proportions must be taken into consideration.

Vertical mirrors work well in tall or long rooms. Consider placement – room corners or high walls – remember it’s still your home, not a circus house of mirrors.

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