C&G’s Guide to Hosting an Outdoor Christmas Party

Organise a festive outdoor soiree with C&G’s Guide to Hosting an Outdoor Christmas Party

Christmas in Bayside calls for outdoor celebration! Hosting an outdoor Christmas party may require a few extra supplies for table settings and pest control (and no we’ve not talking about your crazy aunt or uncle), but the next-day clean up and cooking will prove to be much easier. In the latest C&G blog, we have outdoor tips and tricks to hosting the ultimate holiday shindig.

  1. Choose A Theme

We might not celebrate a traditional white Christmas but that doesn’t mean you can’t play make-believe! Choose a festive theme to set the tone of the party. Whether it’s a beach-themed Christmas party complete with wheelie bin cricket and minty mojitos or traditional green and red with novelty crackers and Dad jokes galore - a colour scheme with themed décor with make for a memorable Christmas day.

  1. Get Organised

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or planning a big family-do, organising your Christmas party takes some work! Make sure you create a to-do list ahead of time to ensure you have enough supplies to accommodate for everyone. Writing a recipe list or delegating guests to bring food will help relieve a little kitchen stress. Since you’ll be taking the party outside don’t forget repellents, sunscreen and food protecting supplies, to prevent outdoor pests from ruining your festive day.

  1. Summer Menu

Forget the stodgy hot food that will keep you stuffed until the new year! A relaxed menu of fresh seafood, delicious salads, easy BBQ, cheese platters and antipasto plates are simple to make and will suit everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements. Plus, the clean-up will be a lot easier!

  1. Create A Christmas Playlist

No holiday party is complete without some jiggles. From classic hymns to upbeat chart toppers, Christmas music is a great way to kickstart your party – just be mindful if you have grinchy neighbours!

  1. Play Games

Give your tummy a rest between lunch and dessert by playing festive games. Whether it’s a gingerbread decoration contest, family charades, classic card games or talent competition, games are a fantastic way to involve everyone of all ages.  If you want to bring out your guests’ competitive sides, include prizes or stocking fillers and watch the real games begin!

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