C&G’s Guide to Indoors Winter Plants

Are you a serial plant killer with a not-so-green thumb for gardening hacks? In the latest C&G guide, we show-off our gardening knowledge by presenting the best winter plants to keep indoors. Not only do these plants thrive in cooler weather but will instantly brighten a room while adding natural oxygen and refreshing aromas throughout your home.

1.   Cactus

Ah! This spikey little fella is one of the best indoors plants especially during frosty weather. Resistant from cold weather, cacti are drought-tolerant and only need to be watered once a month. They also don’t need soil or any special fertilizers to grow which means you can plant them in ceramic pots and shallow trays or enjoy for solely decorative purposes. Plus, they come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours – cacti for the win!

2.   Snake Plant

This not so slithery plant thrives on dry conditions and requires very little water and sunlight making it an ideal indoor plant. Great for releasing oxygen, the snake plant is known for helping with insomnia and sleep and is best suited for the bedroom. Its stripy green patterns are also very pleasing on the eyes!

3.   Fiddle-Leaf Fig

The OG decorative houseplant is perfect for indoor sitting. With this plant enjoying light to medium sun exposure, place in a room with big windows or glass doors to catch some morning and afternoon rays. To avoid drying out, it’s best to regularly water this plant once every couple of days. If the leaves begin to fade, move to a spot with less sunlight.

4.   Rubber Tree

This is-it-real-or-not tree is an easy grower and easy keeper. A larger houseplant, the Rubber Tree can grow two meters in height, so it’s best placed in a room with a little more space to breathe.  This plant thrives in light to medium sunlight conditions – watch as it grows wild with rubbery leaves or prune if the stems are getting too long to manage.

5.   Moth Orchid

The pretty moth orchid flower will bring you back to the time you backpacked through Singapore.  A solid-all-year-round type of flower, a touch of light and water is all you need to keep this beauty – well – beautiful! With little maintenance required, watch this flower bloom in only a couple of months.

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