C&G’s Guide to Maintaining Your Home’s Value

Do you have plans to sell your home in the future? Perhaps you wish to relocate or fund a retirement plan. Regardless of our reasons and goals, we all want the best possible price for our most important asset. The property market is hot competition, and unfortunately will only continue to heat up for buyers and sellers alike! And to make matters worse, some homeowners may realise too late that lack of routine maintenance have led to their property’s devaluation. However, by thinking ahead and maintaining your home’s value you will have a competitive edge when the time to sell arrives. This latest blog from C&G lists some handy tips for achieving optimum value. Read on!

Style the interior with your buyer in mind

Perform regular audits of your interior space to check for any cracks, mould, or dust. You will be able to determine what needs a fresh coat of paint, and what needs a thorough scrub. If you’re deciding on a new colour for the walls, keep your future buyer in mind. This may mean opting for a neutral tone that appeals to the masses rather than favouring your bold personal style.

Fix up your garden

Many people overlook their garden or backyard needs, letting it grow out of control. However, a striking garden will certainly turn heads when inspection day arrives. The outdoor style should match the house’s interiors – similar colours or materials can go a long way towards achieving this. Start with an outdoor table and chairs, then cushions and décor that complement it. You can also invest in new plants and pots to add colour or points of interest. If you have a front yard, definitely don’t forget to give it a makeover to cement that amazing first impression!

Check that everything works

Home buyers will perform their own inspections of your property, and are taught to remain alert for potential problems that could cost them later down the track. The bathroom and kitchen in particular are vital parts of a home, and will impact the buyer’s decisions greatly. Therefore it is crucial to check that all appliances and fixtures are working perfectly to prevent any doubt. Always check the plumbing for leaks, and you may need to replace old lightbulbs to give the room a brightness upgrade.

Ask the professionals

Lastly, don’t forget you can always seek professional advice at any stage. Property managers and real estate agents have a strong idea on what attracts buyers, and can determine the market demand in your specific neighbourhood.

Chisholm and Gamon can conduct property appraisals and provide recommendations on what will create the most profit for you. Talk to us today!


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