C&G’s Guide to Managing Open For Inspections in Your Home

Whether you’re a tenant or a homeowner, welcoming strangers into your home on a weekly basis is no easy task. In today’s blog, C&G offer our top tips for making weekly open for inspections easy for everyone involved.

Open For Inspections are a fact of life when you’re selling your home or moving out of your rental property. The good news is - with a bit of organisation - the process can be a smooth one for all concerned.

Tips for Tenants

Opening your leased home each week to potential new tenants or home buyers may feel like a burden - but it’s simply part of the landscape of renting, like routine inspections or condition reports. If you’re moving out or your landlord has decided to sell their investment, you as the tenant are required to make the property available for inspection at reasonable intervals – and present it appropriately, too. Stay in close contact with your property manager during the open process and collaborate with your landlord to schedule inspection times that best suit your lifestyle and the practicalities of showing property.

When it comes to sprucing up the home for prospective tenants or buyers, you don’t necessarily need to go through a full deep clean every single Saturday morning. Rather, focus on decluttering and giving the property a quick once over each week. Be respectful of your landlord and prospective purchasers by removing potentially inflammatory items from show – think copious alcohol, dirty laundry, soiled cooking equipment and any pets (if you’ve been permitted to keep them in the property). It’s also sensible to store valuables out of sight for your own peace of mind. Speak to your property manager about whether it’s best for you to vacate the property during the inspection. Most tenants feel more comfortable being absent during opens.

Tips for Homeowners

When selling the home you reside in, you may wish to consider moving out during the sales period. This can allow for more frequent inspections if necessary and allows you to stage the home in a coherent way that appeals to buyers. 

If that’s not possible, there’s nothing wrong with living in your property while selling - providing you present your home appropriately. Pets are more regularly a feature of owner-occupied homes, so sourcing somewhere for your furry friends to stay during inspections will allow inspecting parties to explore the property more freely. Pets can leave mess and unpleasant odors, so eliminating traces of them may make the property more appealing. 

If you’ve got little ones at home, arranging for them to be taken care of during inspections can make the process easier for you, the agent and those inspecting the home.

When it comes to arranging your belongings for inspections, consider removing personal belongings to give property a neutral feel. Putting family photos in storage, tidying away kids’ toys and having a general declutter will not only make things easier when you come to move – it will give your property a more spacious feeling, allowing prospective buyers to visualise their lives there. If you’ve got spare bedrooms or office spaces, styling them to purpose can show off more selling points, too. It’s all about highlighting the best parts of the home.

If you’re selling or leasing with Chisholm & Gamon, our agents and property managers can assist in deciding how best to present your home for inspection.


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