C&G’s Guide to Moving In Together


Has your love story reached the chapter where it’s time to move in together? Deciding to share a home with your significant other is an exciting time, but be sure to approach the process with a plan in place – cohabiting isn’t always date nights and laughter. In today’s blog, C&G share our top 4 tips for couples planning to move in together for the first time.

1. Come Up With A Financial Plan

Sharing a home means sharing expenses – rent/mortgage, bills, food, and furniture. Decide in advance how you’ll handle each of these aspects, and make sure it fits with both of your incomes. Divide everything in a way that both of you are comfortable with, to avoid conflict down the line. There’s nothing worse than an argument over who’s turn it is to buy loo roll!

2. Discuss Responsibilities

Aside from the financial aspects, allocating responsibilities in the home is another important consideration for would-be cohabiters. Whether one of you will play chef and the other will clear up, or whether you’ll approach all tasks 50:50, have the discussion early on to avoid wash up wars or bin night blues.

3. Respect Each Other’s Taste

While two people can be compatible in lifestyle, they might not necessarily share the same tastes when it comes to interior design. If your fella’s Star Wars sheets are going to be bothersome, talk it through. Likewise, a selection of rose gold crockery might not quite be his idea of ‘kitchen goals’. Talk through your tastes and find things you both love to dress your space. It’s a place both of you will call home – it’s important to respect what you both want.

4. Be Honest

While often a natural progression in a relationship, moving in together signifies a big change. Making such a commitment to one another will inevitably alter your relationship – so be prepared. Be honest with your partner about what you want out of the relationship and your vision for your shared future. Highlighting any misalignments early on can save heartache down the line.


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