C&G's Guide To New Year Habits For Your Garden

Forming new gardening habits is advantageous to ensure you get the most out of your outdoor area, all year ‘round. In today’s C&G blog, we outline six noteworthy goals for all green-thumbs to set this year.


Water conservation has several benefits, both for the environment and your water usage bills. We recommend making a habit out of watering your garden at the right time, and trying to keep overall water use to a minimum. Install a water storage tank to collect rainwater for use in a number of household tasks, from lawn watering to washing machines.


Veggie patches are a staple for any great garden, and we could argue that food tastes better when you’ve grown it yourself! Make a conscious effort to nurture your vegetable patch this year, and plant foods and herbs you will actually make regular use of.


Develop a routine to care for your garden. Research which plants need to be tended to more regularly than others, and create a schedule accordingly. Gardenize is an app that allows you to record all of your gardening information in one place, keeping you on top of what’s growing and what’s not!


Make a habit of utilising organic compost in your garden this year - not only will it naturally enrich and feed the soil, it can also reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Organic, nutrient dense compost improves soil strength which will ensure a longer, healthier lifeline for your plants. Turn your composting voyage up a notch by actively seeking out more natural materials, and experimenting with various composting techniques. These handy composting tips are sure to spark inspiration, and many local councils are now offering free compost caddies for day-to-day food scraps!


Seeking inspiration? Joining a gardening club allows you to meet like-minded individuals who share a passion for their garden, and learn some handy new tips. For our Bayside community, C&G suggests checking out one of Hampton Garden Club’s monthly meetings.


Last but certainly not least, we encourage you to take the time out to appreciate your garden and enjoy the fruits of your labour – pun intended. Make a habit out of indulging in your morning coffee or family dinner in your lush, well-maintained outdoor space.

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