C&G’s Guide to Outdoor Bird Baths

Give your backyard birds a place to call home with C&G’s Guide to Outdoor Bird Baths

With Bayside’s natural shorelines and bushlands attracting birdlife from chirpy Bluebirds to backyard Kookaburras, an outdoor bird bath is a great addition to any Southside home. Whether you’re an expert bird watcher or nature enthusiast, turn to C&G’s latest blog for tips on perfecting your bird feeder.

  1. Size

The bigger the bird feeder – the more birds you’ll attract. Think multiple tiers and dimensions for extra girth. Also remember the larger the bird feeder, the more effort and maintenance it will take to keep clean.

  1. Weather

Despite seasonal changes, a bird bath placed in an area with shade works best. Whether the bird bath is placed under a tree, patio shelter or roof, shade will keep the basin water cool even on the hottest days while minimising bacteria growth.

  1. Stability

A stable bird feeder is essential – avoid low-rise areas or unbalanced levels where the basin might tip or spill easily. Laying down gravel or paving stones underneath will help provide a stable foundation.

  1. Visibility

Birds won’t use a bath unless it’s visible and they can see other birds bathing. Choose an open area that offers birds a clear path – also keep in mind placement to the house, you’ll want to enjoy seeing birds gather and splash around.

  1. Water Source

There’s no such thing as a bird bath without water! Keep the bath close to a hose or spigot for clean water use. If a water source isn’t close by, pitchers or buckets are easily accessible when refilling the basin.

  1. Windows

Avoid placing bird baths close to windows. Water splashes will leave dirty residue that will be difficult to remove. Birds are also at greater risk of collisions and are easily distracted by their reflections when looking in windows.

  1. Placement

An elevated bird bath is best – next to or under a tree is ideal. Providing shade for birds will also keep the water cool and won’t evaporate as quickly.  Shade is especially important to make birds feel safe from ground predators.

  1. Keep it Clean

If your creating a home for birds, it needs to be safe and cleaned regularly. To keep water clean, invest in a water clarifier or algaecide product. Refill at least once a day – more on hot days. Use a wired brush to scrub out dirt, leaves, sticks, faeces or algae. Always finish with a hose down to ensure your feeder will sparkly clean.

By positioning your bird bath is a safe and visible spot, you can enjoy years of backyard bird watching. To get started, flock to your nearest Bayside hardware stores here.


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