C&G’s Guide to Planting Herbs in Small Spaces

If your home has a balcony, patio or small outdoor space, setting up a mini herb garden is great way to include fresh flavours in your cooking, while saving money on buying store-brought ingredients. For an herb garden that is safe, functional and simple to grow, turn to Chisholm and Gamon’s expert guide to planting mini herb gardens in small outdoor spaces.

1.    Herb Safety 101

Ensure you set up your herb garden according to your apartment building or rental guidelines. Leave a clear walkable path, ensure ceramic pots are not suspended, plant boxes are wind-resistant and positioned away from air-conditioned units or outdoor BBQs.

2.    Finding The (Sun) Light

Before deciding on seeds, its best to measure how much sun your balcony or small outdoor are will receive. Most herbs do best in full sun (six hours plus) but some plants need shelter. Always read the back of seed packets for sun and water requirements.

3.    Tool Thyme

The basic gardening tools you’ll need to get started are pots, soil and seeds. Make sure you measure your area before purchasing pots or plant boxes – not only will the wrong sized pots create a dirty mess but can be dangerous in windy weather conditions. Clay pots are best; however, plastic can be more flexible if you prefer to hang them. You’ll also need a potting mix specific to your seeds. For plant and seed selection, don’t forget your local farmers market – not only will they offer a diverse selection of herbs to choose from, but it’s best to plant whatever is in season.

4.    Which Herbs To Choose

You can practically grow any herb! The best herb for first-time growers is basil. Basil is easy to grow, and a delicious herb when paired with simple, fresh cooking. For all-year round herbs try fennel, dill, parsley or chives, and for seasonal seeds, oregano, lavender, sage, mint and rosemary are a must.

5.    Seed Nurture

Treat and nurture your plants like children by watering regularly, keeping dirt fresh, using natural fertilizer twice a year or compost every month, and controlling pests and insects with appropriate sprays and traps.

6.    Get Trimming

Lastly, trimming is an important step to growing healthy herbs. A regular pinch and prune will increase plant growth and prevent seeds from forming. Remember to also cut herb blooms and flowers – despite how pretty that are – to keep herbs fresh all year round.

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