C&G’s Guide to Preparing Your Home for Winter

Before we know it, Winter has arrived! Just as we don our woolliest coats and scarves, our homes also deserve a snuggly makeover to keep warm throughout the colder months. This latest C&G blog contains some useful tips for welcoming Winter into your home. Cosy up!

Change up your colours.

You may have opted for vibrant pops of colour during Summer but now the vibe doesn’t feel quite right. Warm colours such as oatmeal, olive green or terracotta will help establish a calm and cosy tone throughout your home. It could be as simple as swapping out your bedsheets or changing the cushions on your couch. Keep this colour palette in mind when shopping for new rugs or blankets. For inspiration, we love Eadie Linen Throw from South Village Trading.

Play around with texture.

Linen and cotton may be excellent choices for keeping cool, but you’ll find yourself much more comfortable with cosy knit fabrics or plushy velvet. Throws are a wonderful option for dressing up your furniture, as well as wrapping around yourself while enjoying a hot chocolate. For the extra chilly evenings, heated blankets are always an alternative. If you have hard floors – tiled or wooden for example – you can invest in a thick rug for an extra layer of insulation and avoid freezing toes!

Be heat savvy.

Before you invest in a state-of-the-art heater, think about existing ways you can retain heat and keep the utility bill in check. Keep pet doors and windows closed until it’s necessary to open them. Ensure there aren’t any cracks letting cold air through your window, and implement draft stoppers on your doors. Another popular tip is reversing the direction of your ceiling fan – a clockwise motor produces an updraft that pushes warm air down. It’s all about increasing insulation, which is practical, cheap and eco-friendly!       


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