C&G’s Guide to Re-Grouting Your Bathroom Tiles

Re-grouting your bathroom tiles is a simple and cost-effective way to freshen up your bathroom and create a modern look without relaying new tiles. Re-grouting tiles can also add instant value to your home if you’re looking to sell. In the latest C&G guide we offer simple, handy tips to re-grouting your bathroom tiles.

1.  Selecting Grout Colour

 Choosing an appropriate colour to match your tiles is important. To re-grout an entire area or bathroom, the grout colour should match the tile. If you are only re-grouting a small area or single tile, it’s best to match the new grout with the old grout colour.

 2.    Remove Old Grout

A utility knife or grout saw will remove the old grout to be replaced with new grout. Be very careful when removing old grout – wear gloves and hazard glasses to protect yourself from sharp grout pieces and remember to be cautious – you don’t want to chip or damage the tiles.

 3.    Clean Up

Use a vacuum or broom to remove the old grout. Clean tiles with household cleaner or water/detergent mixture. Please ensure all pieces of old grout are removed.

 4.    Apply New Grout

Using a rubber grout float to spread on the area, hold the float diagonally for a smooth spread – be sure to add pressure and extra grout to fill spaces completely.

5.    Remove Excess & Clean Again

Use the float again to remove excess – this time use at a sharp angle to scrap and remove excess grout. Let grout sit for 10 minutes or as grout packaging suggests before using a damp sponge or cloth to remove excess. Rinse sponge and repeat until all residue is removed and is clean from grout.

6.    Let’s Buff

Once the grout is dry (allow 12-24 hours) before buffing the tiles with a clean dry rag.

7.    Seal the Deal

After all your hard work – which you don’t want to go to waste – seal the finished grout with a suitable grout sealer or finish, ensuring the grout will last for years to come.

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