C&G’s Guide to Reducing Allergies in Your Home

With the changeover to winter, you might be experiencing irritating allergens that you just can’t itch or scratch no more! To prevent and control allergens in your home, it’s best to identify the culprit and eliminate ASAP! From dust mites to mould, pollens and even your pets (sorry Fido!), reducing exposure to these allergen traps will clear your watery eyes and itchy nose without hay fever relief treatment. In the latest C&G blog, we offer our top tips to eradicating dust in your home - once and for all!

1. Pet Patrol

Although you may not be allergic to pets, they can enhance your hay fever with 30% of people with allergies having reactions to dogs and cats. By keeping pets at least out of the bedroom, you can eliminate hay fever symptoms and rest easy.

2. Revamp Your Bedding

Light, breathable material like cotton, bamboo or microfibre are more resistant to mites, microbes and other allergens. Try bedding that hasn’t been manipulated or dyed with chemicals, like natural cottons and linens.

3. Wash Away Your Allergens

Having a night-time shower could be the difference between you waking up with allergies and you waking up feeling refreshed. Think about the pollen trapped in your hair or clothes from that day! To maintain a healthy allergy-free home, always run the bathroom fan for 15 minutes after your shower to prevent mould from forming.

4. Clean, Clean, Clean

To only way to remove dust from your home is to clean it yourself. Keep counter spaces clean to avoid hidden areas from collecting dust. Vacuum consistently to reduce hair, dust mites or outside debris from coming inside. Wear gloves (and mask for outdoor cleaning) to prevent allergies from flaring up. TIP: Removing shoes before coming indoors will help to eliminate pollen and foliage from entering your home.

5. Time to Breathe

Indoor air can be harsh on your allergies – investing in a high-quality purifier will reduce allergen particles like dust and pollen by removing them rather than redistributing them.  Ensure your purifier is approved with asthma or allergy certification to ensure your new purifier is top notch!

6. Trust Marie Kondo

Decluttering will be your new favourite hobby! By removing layers and piles of things, you’ll be eliminating dust and allergen build-up. Try baskets made from natural fibres as an allergy-preventative way to store away the things you want to keep.

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