C&G’s Guide to Reducing Heating Bills

For many Baysiders, the cool change in weather also means a hike in household heating bills. Whether your property uses gas or electricity to bring warmth to those crisp mid-year evenings, C&G have dug up some of the best tips and tricks to keep warm, without breaking the budget. 

1.    DIY Window & Door Cracks

You’d be surprised the impact that a tiny window or door crack has on your home’s natural temperature. Sealing windows are simple and cost effective - even for first-time DIYers. Using weather stripping around doors and windows, will help seal cracks and can be replaced if new cracks form. Gap-fillers like expanding foams are great to seal wall cracks and any pipes, areas with loose electrical cables or gas lines. For door to floor gaps, door snakes should do the trick – plus they come in super cool designs and are easy to sew, if you’re interested in a crafty weekend task. 

 2.    Upgrade Your Curtains

If you live Bayside, chances are you’ve got big windows to let in beautiful bay views and for welcoming an ocean breeze in the warmer months. By investing in some heavy, lined curtains that extend below the window frame, this will make sure there’s no gap at the top where the curtain hangs. Leaving these curtains open during the day will provide direct sunlight to help warm the house and protect from cold, wet glass during nightfall.

3.    Close The Door

Have you closed the doors on rooms that aren’t in use? Keep the doors to your living space closed and if your heating system allows it, turn heating off in rooms you’re not using.

4.    Put On More Clothes

Make sure you’re warmly dressed as well – if you’re walking around the house complaining about the cold, put on a sweater, slippers or more clothes before deciding on putting the heater on.

5.    Wash With Cold Water

Since hot water can chew through your heating bills, try washing your clothing with cold water. Shorter showers in winter are recommended for the same reason.

Before making any drastic changes to your rental home please contact your Chisholm & Gamon property manager for permission first. And should anything involve gas or electricity, don’t touch and engage the services of a professional.


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