C&G’s Guide to Warming Up Your Home for Winter


Opt For the Right BlanketWith temperatures dropping to almost zero during the night, it can be difficult to get warm in Melbourne’s winter. In today’s blog, C&G share our favourite ways to get cosy at home in the colder months.

Not all blankets were created equal! If you’re using one at night, the trick is to lay it out underneath your doona, not on top. While throwing it atop your covers may look more stylish, it’s least effective at preserving heat in the bed. By layering it beneath the quilt, you trap in heat ready for when you go to sleep. Opt for a blanket made from natural fibres like bamboo, wool or cotton. These materials are able to wick away moisture and regulate your body temperature for a peaceful night’s sleep.


Get an Electric Quilt

Beware of fire risks here, and only use electric blankets and quilts in a controlled environment when you can keep an eye on them. Popping one on an hour before bed can make it much easier to get off to sleep.


Lock Out the Cold

If you’re using a portable heater in one room, make the most of the heat by closing other doors and trapping the warmth in the room you’re in. Heaters can use a lot of electricity, so reducing heat loss not only keeps you cosy, but keeps your bills in check. You can also avoid heat escaping under doors by using ‘door snakes’ or blocking cracks with rolled up blankets.


The Importance of Ventilation

When artificially heating your home in winter, it’s important to properly ventilate your rooms. While it may seem counterintuitive to crack open a window when it feels baltic outside, it’s essential to avoid moisture buildup. Excess moisture in warm, damp conditions is the prime environment for mould growth, so try to let some fresh air in at least once a day, and always use extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom.


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