C&G’s Guide to Winter Home Preparation

As summer comes to a slow, mild end for another year, the cooler months can be a real shock to the system. Make your foray into the cosier months easy with a little home maintenance – it will soon help you forget about the inevitable layers of clothing and short days that are on the horizon. In today’s blog, C&G share their top tips for winter home preparation. 

Be energy efficient with solar 

When Winter rolls around, it is likely that your energy or gas bills will go up. Consider using the power of the sun to cut energy consumption and install a solar hot water system this autumn in preparation for winter. Not only is it cheaper to run, but the environment will be thanking you for your foresight, too!

Prepare your outdoor living area

If you’re going to miss dining outdoors in the cooler months, invest in an outdoor heater. Outdoor heating doesn’t have to break the bank, as it comes in variety of different forms depending on your budget and space requirements. You’re only one purchase away from dining under the stars, rugged up with a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate. Bliss! 


Insulating your house thoroughly can significantly cut costs on your heating bill whilst keeping you warmer – which is truly a double win! If calling in an expert to update your insulation is out of the budget this autumn, you might try investing in thick curtains, closing doors on unused rooms and rearranging furniture to allow circulation from heating systems to flow throughout your home more effectively.

Love your lawn 

Keeping your grass green might seem like a tricky task - but Autumn is the ideal time to fertilise and ensure it is nice and bright come Spring. By using winter fertiliser, the grass enjoys a good dose of iron to keep that green colour bright. You can likely afford to keep watering to a minimum in Autumn, as the temperature drops and precipitation increases (fingers crossed).

Treat yourself

Last but not least, revamp your living areas or bedroom with some deeper seasonal colours, soft rugs and warm knitted throws. A few new cushions and a spice-scented candle can really add a cosy vibe to your home.


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