C&G's Top 3 Qualities of a Great Vendor

Selling a home for the maximum possible value involves a considered mix of marketing, strategy and negotiating nous – but above all, a positive and frank agent-vendor relationship is key to a great property result. In today’s blog, team C&G unpack what makes someone a terrific vendor to work with!

Fair Expectations

A great agent is critical to obtaining a fantastic selling price for your home – but even the most seasoned of negotiators work within the realities of the property market you’re transacting within. As such, consumer demand and market conditions naturally come to bear upon your sales campaign. Speak to your agent about the state of the market, and be pragmatic about the price range you’d consider selling within. Then, discuss which sales strategies and marketing tools will help you to reach (and hopefully, exceed!) this range. Vendors who place too much pressure on themselves (and their homes) to sell well beyond market indicators risk long days on market, disappointment … and even a reduced ultimate selling price due.   

Taking Advice Onboard

Great real estate agents are local area experts. No matter how much you hang out on realestate.com.au or how often you check the sale prices of local properties, you’ll never have the same depth of knowledge and buyer connections as a seasoned real estate agent connected to their community. Great vendors take the advice of their chosen agent onboard throughout their sales campaign – from interpreting buyer feedback about their property to setting a reserve in the leadup to auction. Relentlessly second-guessing your appointed agent’s knowledge and feedback can cause a headache for both vendors and their appointed agents and auctioneers. Our advice? Appoint an agent you know is the local area expert, able to offer you meaningful feedback throughout your campaign.

Value Expertise

Selling a home is something most vendors do only once a decade or so. It’s natural to want to minimise outgoings during the cost-heavy (but hopefully profit-rich!) period of transacting a property – but don’t focus so heavily on saving funds upfront that you dupe yourself out of a wonderful agent! Great vendors understand that negotiation skills and market expertise are not universal – and that a superior property result is the result of appointing a superior agent. Marketing and selling a home is a complex transaction – don’t risk a great agency for the sake of a discount or the desire to appoint the least expensive agent in your area. Agents who discount their fees are unlikely to be the most robust negotiators – after all, if they cannot defend their own expertise, how able will they be to defend the value of your property in the rough and tumble market? If costs are weighing heavy on your mind, simply ask your agent to break down the various undertakings involved in their fee. 

Chisholm & Gamon’s sales team understand that selling your home can be a daunting experience. As with buying for the first time, you may sometimes feel ‘in the dark’ about on agent fees and how much your move will cost. That’s why we take the time to work with each of our valued vendors to arrive at a sales strategy that suits your circumstances, your property and your budget. For more information on selling with C&G, get in touch here.


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