C&G’s Top 5 Qualities of a Great Landlord

As many Australians know, becoming a landlord is a great way to build your property portfolio and enhance monthly cashflow. In today’s blog, C&G unpack the top 5 qualities of a great landlord. If you’re anticipating becoming a landlord in the near future, this article offers tips for a collaborative and happy relationship with property managers and tenants alike.  

Good Communication

A landlord who dedicates time to communicating regularly with their property manager is a sensible one! Finding the right balance between communication and leaving your investment in your property manager’s capable hands is key to a productive and content relationship. Responding to your property manager’s calls and emails in a timely fashion is important – particularly when there are maintenance matters to address.  


Respecting your property manager’s unique skills and professional opinions will certainly enhance your experience as a landlord. An expert property manager will be able to confidently care for your investment, from selecting and ‘vetting’ tenants to conducting routine inspections, resolving maintenance issues and effecting bond lodgments and returns. Let them do their job on your behalf - in collaboration with your directives, you’ll soon be enjoying a streamlined ‘landlording’ experience!


A compassionate landlord appreciates that sometimes things just go wrong. If your otherwise-perfect tenants have an accident and break something, compassion and understanding goes a long way to resolving the matter. A tolerant attitude should also be judiciously applied to your tenant’s personal life: if they lose their job, have a family emergency or a sudden change of circumstances - show empathy and assist where possible to get the tenancy back on track ASAP. Whilst we’re not suggesting you bend the rules too often – flexibility and compassion are great qualities that go hand-in-hand with long leases to happy tenants.  Offering ‘workaround’ solutions in extenuating circumstances could secure you quality tenants for years to come.


A landlord should trust that their property manager will source quality tenants, and feel confident that those tenants will take good care of their investment. Requiring access to the investment too regularly or turning up unannounced for fear of damages can make tenants feel unwelcome and imposed upon. An essential part of being a landlord is appointing a terrific property manager, stepping back and trusting that everything will be okay.


A good landlord understands the importance of compliance. From proper bond holdings to taking action on necessary maintenance, property managers and tenants love landlords that take their investment strategy seriously! Be sure you’re ready to invest in measures to keep your property safe throughout each lease, and address works and due responsibilities in a timely fashion.

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