New Year Habits for your Bathroom

Bathroom habits may not be on the top of your new year’s resolutions, however healthy bathroom habits can easily improve your busy morning routine and save cleaning time. To get started, C&G have six simple bathroom habits that aren’t too hard to adapt and will help improve naughty bathroom habits.

Non-slip or grip bath mats

A common safety concern with modern showers and tubs can be easily helped with a non-slip mat. With no slippery floor, you’ll also save a lot of time not having to wash bath towels or bathmats. Think of your bathroom free from puddles and water stains!

Change your shower curtains

Vinyl shower curtains are not only unhealthy with chemicals causing serious health problems but can smell pretty bad. By regularly changing your shower curtains, you can minimise health risks while having a clean shower that smells like fresh soap!

Clean your bathroom everyday

What might sound ridiculous, cleaning your bathroom everyday will make your life a lot easier! By keeping bathroom wipes nearby, you can clean your tub while you shower. By giving your bathroom a wipe every day, you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing the tub.

Pop the toilet lid down

There’s good reason why toilets have lids. By putting down the toilet lid before you flush, you will be keeping out nasties and the spread of potential bacteria.

Change your toothbrush

According to experts, it’s recommended to change your toothbrush every two or three months. To avoid infection and gum disease, changing your toothbrush regularly is a healthy habit which will also save you on dentist bills.

Fan it out

A bathroom fan does more than eliminate odour - it removes mildew and helps improve allergy irritation. A well-ventilated bathroom also decreases the chance of mould forming. Let the bathroom fan run for least 10 minutes before and after showering or until the moisture clears.

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