If you’re considering selling your property this year, there's a strong chance you have more than a few questions at the front of your mind. This week, we’re tackling the most important one: ‘How do I maximise my selling power?’.

While you might have a bit of a ‘fixer-upper’ on your hands, with years of love (and general wear-and-tear!), it might surprise you to know that even the most minor updates can completely change the appearance of a property as well as increase its value and attractiveness to potential buyers. Here are five of the most reliable and efficient ways to maximise your property’s worth - no ‘full-reno’ required!

Update the landscape

You’d be surprised how easy it is to change the appearance of your backyard just by tidying up, like cutting back any overgrown trees or bushes and deep cleaning any paved or cement areas so they look brand new. If you have a deck, consider giving it a good scrub and a coat of oil to restore it to mint condition!

A fresh coat of paint

It’s true what they say - you can never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of white paint! Whether you’ve chosen a porcelain finish or want to add a statement wall with a bold ‘pop’ of colour, sometimes all it takes to increase the interest in your property is simply a fresh layer of paint and a brand-new look. To make your home look more spacious, opt for neutral, light and natural-looking hues - like a dusty blue or a pale grey.

Grab some new curtains

They are an accessory often forgotten in a casual home refresh - but they can modernise your home or age it by decades! So grab those dusty old curtains and blinds and replace them with sleek, elegant, modern furnishings. These new accessories will give your home a different vibe and instantly feel spacious and


Upgrade your systems

When was the last time you upgraded your air-conditioning or heating units? It might seem like an unnecessary update, as you will technically be investing in these systems for the next owner of your property. Still, homes with the most up-to-date heating and cooling systems tend to generate more interest in potential buyers, increasing the overall value of your home.

Switch the switch!

Similar to curtains, blinds, and carpeting, the appearance of your light fittings and accessories can age your property terribly, thereby potentially affecting its value and interest. For example, if your light switches are a bit dated or yellowing - consider replacing them with an updated and modern equivalent. Sometimes, when it comes to impressing potential buyers, the Devil (or angel) is in the details!

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