C&G’s Back to School Guide

We’ve reached the halfway point of January, and you may be thinking about preparing yourself and your children for the upcoming school year. Whether it’s a no-brainer or your first time, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and send the little ones off on the right foot. C&G’s latest blog is a handy checklist of the essentials to remember, and tips for easing the kids back into a daily routine. Have a read!

Start mentally preparing.

Chances are your kids aren’t too keen to be going back to school. It means annoying alarms and busy bustling each morning when they’ve been used to staying up all night! Parents can offer gentle reminders by talking about the upcoming school year, and the excitement of a fresh start. This can minimise any anxiety or nervousness your child is experiencing, especially if they haven’t done this before.

Re-establish a routine.

You can begin re-implementing the school day routine and use the earlier mornings for family bonding time. Kids will adapt at different paces but the earlier you start preparing, the more confident they will feel when the big day arrives. This process can involve serving up school lunches instead of the usual holiday treats, and allowing your child to get used to a stricter meal schedule.

Don’t leave school supplies shopping to the last minute!

Most people will agree it’s better to not leave anything to the last minute. That advice may sometimes escape us despite our best efforts, but you’ll be thankful for completing your back-to-school shopping early! This guarantees you avoid any crowds and specific items selling out. If you’re lucky you may also snap up some sales or discounts when no one else is looking. Today’s Parent have compiled links to adorable water bottles, lunch bags and back packs that will have your child going back to school in style. Make sure to check the stationery checklists provided by your school, especially if your children are in different grade levels and taking different subjects.


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