C&G’s Guide to Architectural Design Trends

As we drift further into 2021, it’s time to consider some of the biggest architectural design trends that will be making their mark on our homes this year. While some of these aesthetics have been around for some time, it’s interesting to see how they’ve grown and evolved to suit the current climate with regards to social movements, the pandemic, and our lifestyles in this modern day and age. Enjoy this C&G blog where we delve into some of the most prominent architectural design trends. Can you pick up some inspiration for your own home?

Light wood tones.

Light wood tones have been used throughout homes for years, and showing no signs of waning! Perfect for family homes, they help create light, warmth and openness with their pale timber hues.

Using pale timber is one of the simplest ways to replicate the Scandinavian style that has become increasingly popular in the past decade. Pair it with cream cabinets or white walls to create a timeless, gentle aesthetic, or opt for a more eclectic, industrial feel by adding concrete and chrome accents.

Greener homes.

With eco-consciousness and home health gaining more traction, it's not surprising that more architects and designers are reflecting this awareness and desire for change in their building plans. There has seen a noticeable shift towards sustainable and recyclable building materials, reducing our carbon footprint one building at a time. For example, vinyl flooring is being replaced by linoleum and marmoleum, and carpet manufacturers are beginning to eliminate the use of stain and water-repellent chemicals.

The feature kitchen.

With the rise in home cooking and at-home entertaining, the kitchen has become one of the most lived-in spaces in the home. This has seen a trend towards giving prominence to the kitchen, increasing its dimensions and connecting it with the dining and living room to create open plan zones. 

Many designs centre around a large island bench as a focal point in the kitchen, which can be used as a breakfast bar or for entertaining guests. It also acts as an impactful way to visually separate the kitchen from the lounge area.

Wall and ceiling panelling.

A nod to the 1970s and 80s - think wood-panelled walls mixed with shag carpeting, floral sofas, and foam ceiling tiles. Fast forward to 2021 and panelling is back in a big way, looking very different to its retro counterparts.

Wall panelling can be used to cleverly disguise built-in shelving and makes the most of small spaces. Many designers use it to create warm, intimate spaces with a nod to nature. To recreate this look at home, choose wider panels of darker wood for a more country home feel, or thinner pieces for a hint of Scandi-modern. 

Floor to ceiling windows and doors.

After spending months at home, it’s only natural we want to open our interiors to the outside world. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by utilising the full extent of windows and doors, extending up the length of the wall to meet the ceiling. These structures are often separated by thin, steel frames and often incorporate a door, adding industrial chic to an otherwise traditional home. Blurring the distinction between inside and out, they are the perfect transition towards a pool or garden area, and allow you to enjoy the great outdoors all year round.

Lap Pools

With health and wellbeing prioritised, it’s no surprise these habits have integrated themselves into home design. And while adding a fully-equipped home gym might not be feasible due to budget and space, lap pools are a popular choice for promoting exercise at home. They are generally modular in shape and smaller than regular swimming pools, but are completely customisable. Whether they contain a water feature, statement tiling, or luxe lounge area, a lap pool will make a stunning feature in any backyard.

Home Office Spaces

When a life-changing event like COVID-19 happens, and a large portion of employees begin working from home, it’s unsurprising the home office is an essential home feature. Whether you’re developing a full room, or ‘study nook,’ this space served as a necessary boundary between work and home life - crucial when creating a healthy balance!

Speak to any home retailer – they’ll tell you about the day office chairs completely sold out! From adjustable sit-stand desks to ergonomic work chairs and smart storage units – multi-purpose and adaptable furniture is a must-have in 2021.



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