C&G’s Guide to Final Inspections

Before you know it, settlement day is fast approaching and you’re busy wrapping, packing and preparing to move. Prior to settlement, it’s important to conduct a final walk through of your new property to ensure it is as you remember it, and meets the conditions outlined in your initial contract. In this C&G blog, we list the most important things to check when going for your final inspection.

What should you bring with you?

Bring your contract of sale with you, so you have an official document to refer to should you find something out of place. You’ll attend the inspection in conjunction with real estate agent – most usually the one you purchased the property through. If you have concerns, raise them with the agent – and if necessary, discuss with your conveyancer or lawyer also to have any property issues rectified prior to settlement. Lastly, a measuring tape is helpful to take down details of tight spaces if you are installing new appliances or renovating. 

Is there any damage?

We’re sure you’re excited to move in, and the last thing you’d want to deal with is an unexpectedly broken window or failing hot water service. The settlement process can take months, and if the property has been lived in during this time it may differ from the condition you acquired it in. The space should be clean and tidy, and any items not included in the contract should be removed. If you notice something out of place, speak to your agent and conveyancer to rectify.

Is everything in working order?

Ensure all appliances included in your contract are functioning. Depending on your property this could include hot plates, grills, ovens, dishwashers, alarm systems, air conditioning and power points. Plumbing should be working, with toilets that flush properly and sinks that drain. You can also ask to inspect the hot water system, gas and water meter, and pool filtration if your property has a swimming pool. It’s also recommended to obtain copies of operations manuals and warranties for these systems as well.

Purchasing a home is a serious matter, and if you find yourself surprised at your asset’s condition during your final inspection you should take steps to bring any issue to the vendor’s attention.

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