C&G’s Guide to Indoor Plants

The countdown towards Spring has begun! We’re seeing sunny days on the forecast, so it’s only appropriate to start freshening up your home. Plants are a colourful and commitment-free solution for livening up dull corners and blank walls. They’re also perfect for renters in need of a cost-effective pet! This latest C&G blog lists some easy-going plants to welcome in the new season.

Peace Lily

This is a great starter plant if you’ve yet to develop your green thumb. Peace lilies can survive in low light conditions – perfect for those dark corners. However, if you’ve got a bright spot you’ll be rewarded with white blossoming flowers. When it comes to watering, simply wait for its leaves to droop. Once satisfied, it perks straight back up! We love a plant that tells you what it needs.

Ribbon Plant

As the name suggests, the ribbon plant is a bundle of joy with its festive foliage.  Perfect for a humid environment such as the bathroom, this plant only requires bright indirect light and water once the top layer of soil dries. It’s also extremely easy to propagate and gift to family and friends.

Devil’s Ivy

We’re not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, but the Devil’s Ivy can grow metres long no matter where you place it. This trailing beauty is perfect for high spots such as a bookshelf or bedside table. It’s drought tolerant and will be okay if left alone for long periods of time. Like the ribbon plant, if it grows too long you can propagate Devil’s Ivy to grow new plants. 


Also known as the fruit salad plant, this is a must-have for any plant collection. You’ll recognise its iconic leaves instantly, and it adds an immediate lush jungle vibe to your home. They love bright indirect sunlight and will look dazzling in a colourful pot! With Spring on the way, you can be sure your Monstera will be growing gorgeous new leaves.

Besides looking good, plants also come with plenty of wellbeing benefits! They’re known to purify indoor air while promoting a relaxed and content ambience. Bayside is also home to many great nurseries, all showcasing a diverse collection of indoor greens. Some of our favourites include Bay Road Nursery in Sandringham, POP Wilder in St Kilda, Garden of Eden Nursery in Albert Park, and Gill’s Nursery in Cheltenham.


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