C&G’s Guide to Keeping Tenants Happy

Once upon a time it may have been the Great Australian Dream to become a homeowner. These days, many people elect to rent their homes – sometimes permanently! Therefore, the relationship between property managers, landlords and tenants continues to grow and evolve. This latest C&G blog discusses how landlords can maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with their tenants and enjoy a stress-free lease.

Attend to maintenance requests quickly.

Tenants want to feel like they’re living in a safe and well-functioning property. This is especially relevant if it’s an emergency repair such as broken plumbing or an electrical fault. It will also take some time for the right tradespeople to arrive and fix the issue. Landlords who promptly act on maintenance requests and emergencies will put their tenants at ease, and show that they care for both the property and the occupants. This will certainly encourage your tenants to treat your asset with respect and keep you informed of its condition.

Maintain an open line of communication.

Reassure your tenants that you are happy to answer and alleviate their concerns. Keeping an open conversation means you are constantly updated should an issue arise, and you can act quickly to preserve your asset’s value. In the long run, happy tenants are more likely to renew their lease and guarantee you a stable income. Likewise, if you find you must increase the rent for example, your tenants may be more understanding if you have already established an amicable relationship. We always recommend providing plenty of notice and valid reasons behind important decisions that affect the lease agreement.

Consider your tenants’ needs.

Tenants will generally argue that renting is simpler than purchasing a home, and in many ways it is! However, it is still an arrangement with a number of regulations in place. Your tenants still consider this arrangement their home, and will stay if it continues to align with their lifestyle and circumstances. When putting the property on the market, landlords should consider what type of tenant they are appealing to and provide amenities that will attract attention. You may already be in a competitive position with the perfect location, but also consider selling points such as high-speed internet, secure parking and high-quality appliances. These may also be investments or renovations you consider during vacancy periods to attract a long-term occupant.

Ultimately, being an approachable and friendly landlord will lead to a long-lasting relationship with your tenants. This ensures your rent is paid on time, and your property continues to be well looked after. Alternatively, consider engaging a property management service! Chisholm and Gamon have been in the property game for years, and our expert property management team specialises in putting landlords at ease! Reach out to us today.


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