C&G’s Guide to Moving With Pets

Moving homes is both an exciting and stressful endeavour for us humans, let alone our pets! Unfortunately, we can’t easily communicate why there are so many boxes everywhere, or people scuttling about. However, with some preparation, you can make this a stress-free process for Spike and Fido. Enjoy this latest C&G blog, filled with helpful tips!

Put together a care package.

Think of it as an overnight bag for your pet. Fill a travel bag with enough food, toys, kitty litter, bedding and other essentials to keep your pet comfortable for at least a couple of days. Make sure these supplies are easily accessible throughout the move. You don’t need to wash beds or blankets before moving, as it would be a good idea to surround your furry friend with familiar smells once you reach your new destination.

Have your vet’s details on hand.

Ensure your vet’s contact details are saved onto your phone. If you are moving further away, research a reputable vet in your new area and take note of their details should an emergency arise. It’s also a good idea to have copies of your pet’s medical history and vaccination certificates on hand. After your move, you may need to follow up on changing the address stored in your pet’s microchip.

Take your pet in your car.

They will feel more comfortable next to you in a carrier, or held if you’re driving with a passenger. Take your travel bag with you as well, especially if it’s filled with your pet’s favourite treats.

Confine them to a secure room.

A stressed animal may try to escape. Since there will be plenty of movement happening, keep your four-legged family member in a quiet and secure room to keep them calm. Ensure they have access to their favourite toys, food and water. If you own a dog, make sure you have enough time for a walk and toilet breaks! This will also encourage them to become accustomed to their new neighbourhood.


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