C&G’s Guide to Preparing Your Home for Holidays

Going on a holiday? How exciting! You’re probably preparing your suitcases and passports, but don’t forget your humble home in this process. It’s important to make sure your home remains safe and secure while you’re away, taking off any stress during your much-deserved break. This latest C&G blog is filled with helpful tips for preparing your house before the big trip!

1.       Keep your home looking occupied

Don’t make it obvious that no one is home – that could invite unwelcomed burglars! Unsubscribe from any newspaper or mail that could overflow your letterbox, or ask a trusted friend to routinely pick them up. You can also ask them to do some regular maintenance such as trimming lawns or hire a service to do so. If you own a car, park it in the garage rather than a driveway. You can also ask a neighbour to occasionally park their car in front of your house so it looks like there is activity. It may also be wise to invest in timed or motion-activated lights.

2.       Turn off utilities

Turn off your electrical appliances and plumbing, and set your water heater to vacation mode. This saves money on your utility bills as well as prevent costly damages such as water leaks. Do keep your smoke detectors on and ensure they are all operating in good condition.

3.       Do a pre-vacation clean

You don’t want to come home to a mess that grew in your absence! Consume any perishable food before leaving, and make sure everything is sealed shut in your pantry. The last thing you’d want is unwanted visitors like ants or rodents! Depending on the duration of your holiday, you can also unplug the refrigerator and leave the door open to prevent mildew and mould. Lastly, don’t forget to take out the rubbish before you leave.

4.       Let the right people know

It may not be wise to announce you’re out of town on social media, but do inform trusted friends, family or neighbours. Leave all the relevant contact details so they know who to call should an emergency arise. Make sure all your doors – including pet doors – are locked, and give the spare key to someone reliable. If you have an alarm system, notify the company as well before you leave.


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