C&G’s Guide to Staging Your House: Is It Worth It?

When selling your home, you want to get it right the first time and achieve the best possible price for your asset. Property experts and novices alike will agree that presentation is paramount in order to provide your prospective buyers with a dazzling first impression. But just how much should you spend on this impression? Is it worth investing in a professional home styling service before you go to market? This latest C&G blog unpacks the benefits of hiring staging experts to enhance your marketing campaign.  Read on!

Wondering if home staging will improve your property’s market reception? The simple answer is: yes. If your budget allows for professional home staging, it could make all the difference in your contract price. Just as a well-merchandised storefront attracts customers, a beautifully styled interior will attract buyers. Here are some compelling reasons why home staging can enhance your marketing campaign:

1.       It will reinvigorate your space.

If you’ve lived in a home for a long period of time, existing furniture may be outdated or appear worn. Home stagers can look at your space objectively, scaling it back to a neutral but inviting residence. They can also bring in new furniture that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of each room and bring interiors back to life. Crucially, they understand what appeals to buyers – and what interior design features to stay well away from.

2.       Professionals will know what attracts buyers.

It’s their job, after all! They understand the buyer’s mindset and will curate your property in a way that appeals to your ideal purchaser. They can objectively assess your floorplan, and ensure your home looks spacious and minimalist – even if your own personal style is opulence! At the end of the day, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve put your best foot forward entering the market.

3.       You can create a strategic and competitive listing.

Home staging results in beautiful images of your home, helping your listing to stand out amongst competitors. A well-styled property will immediately pique the interest of buyers who may have scrolled past otherwise. The perceived value of your property will also skyrocket if it looks like a page lifted from an interior magazine!

4.       Your property will sell faster.

A well-decorated home will sell faster, because it looks a superior product. Melbourne’s property market is a competitive one, with busy auctions and open inspections every weekend. You will have an immediate advantage if you present a beautiful home, specifically curated with furnishings that will turn heads!

Chisholm and Gamon have worked with many home stagers including M+Co Property, who are offering exclusive deals for our clients before the year finishes. They regularly produce exceptional work, much of which can be seen in our listings. If you are thinking of investing in home staging, do not hesitate to reach out to us today. Our friendly team will connect you with the right referrals!


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