C&G’s Guide to What Buyers Want in a House

Houses – they’re most likely your most important decision whether you’re selling or buying. When you make the decision to sell, every renovation and upgrade you invest in should be tailored towards the answer to that question. It’s a lot of pressure, but this latest C&G blog should prove useful with a list of things that buyers want in a house. 

1.       Security

It’s no surprise many buyers come with their own family. They will consider the accessibility and safety of the surrounding neighbourhood, especially if they have children. It will be advantageous if your home is close to public transport, main roads, schools or amenities. Some of these factors you can’t necessarily control but you can make changes to your security should you feel it needs to be improved. These could be smarter locks, alarm systems or even fences.

2.       Privacy

It’s important to remember a home is a central piece to a person’s lifestyle and personal experience. Just like safety and security, buyers would like to be able to relax in their downtime and be shielded from noisy or disruptive neighbours.

3.       Kitchen

All the home renovation shows talk about the importance of kitchens! This will be where your buyer spends most of their time, and their shiny surfaces will certainly attract attention. It’s a good idea to consider the appliances and storage space available for the necessities. How will your dining room connect to the kitchen? Your buyer will be imagining how the room will cater to communal family time, and whether the cooking space available to match their specific needs.

4.       Bathroom

Bathrooms are also just as important, and most property specialists will agree this is where people spend a great percentage of their time. While baths evoke a sense of luxury and relaxation, many people may consider showers a more efficient and water conservative option. Modern taps and fixtures will rank highly as well as adequate lighting and storage.

5.       Bedroom

Another crucial room! Families will be attracted to bedrooms that can accommodate themselves as well as their kids. Ensuites are always an attractive selling point, followed by storage space and easy accessibility. You can achieve a clean and spacious look with built-in wardrobes and minimalist furniture.

6.       Natural Light

Most property marketing campaigns will capitalise on the amount of natural light a house receives. This can be achieved with big windows or skylights. It proves that your home will be energy-efficient and look great when the warmer days arrive. Of course, there should be an option of blinds and curtains to create privacy when necessary.

7.       Storage

We’ve mentioned the importance of storage in the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. But you don’t need to stop there! More storage means your buyer doesn’t have to worry about mess or clutter – the prospect of low maintenance will go a long way.

8.       Living Areas

Your buyer will be envisioning how they will entertain their guests in the living areas. It should be spacious enough to fit a television and comfortable lounge – the more space for seats the better. You may also benefit from including furniture that can display family portraits or books, or at least provide the space to do so.

9.       Outdoor Spaces

People will be attracted to a home where their kids or pets can play, while they sit back on a comfortable lounge when the weather plays nice. You can add plants and trees to give the outdoor areas more life, but keep it low maintenance in case your buyer doesn’t have a green thumb!

10.   Feels Like Home

Your home could tick all the boxes, but at the end of the day it depends on the compatibility of your space and the buyer’s lifestyle. Hopefully they view it as the haven they can return to after a long day at work, or a stressful day at school. Of course, this is different for everyone but by presenting a warm and inviting home you can inch closer to that ideal result!  


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